Pentax MX-1, A Camera with Vintage Style


Camera is used widely by all people in this world. There are many kinds of camera with its variation, quality and also design. Most people see camera from the point of view of its quality. They try to seek the camera which can give them perfect images of the photo result. But have you ever try to seek for the camera due to the style or shape of it? Having a unique camera will be so fun. It is all due to the attractive shape of our camera.

One product of camera which offers nice look is provided by Pentax MX-1 camera. This camera is design well with its vintage look. The metal and also leather which is set there makes the performance of this camera looks to be so unique. Having a unique camera may give us unique satisfaction.




Moreover, not only having good design, this camera also provides great features. By equipped with 12 MP and also having ISO 100-128000, this camera can meets our needs on capturing images in well quality. The wide LCD which reaches 3.o inch enables us to clearly see the result of our images. So then, why we do not have it now? It is such a unique camera with its well quality of capturing.

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