The Amazing of Sony-Nex 6 and Sony Nex-7 Camera

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In this time, the development of camera is getting so advanced. Lots of gadgets are equipped by camera feature. Starts with our laptop, mobile phone, and many other devices are now completed with camera. Camera seems to b so important this day so that the applications of the feature are really demanded by the consumer. This time, our mobile phone has offered so many interesting features about camera. Its quality is also well qualified as good as the result from the professional camera. So, knowing about that fact, do we still need professional camera if our mobile phone has been able to meets our needs on capturing moment into images?

The answer is of course we still need professional camera because it is proven to be work better than any mobile phone camera. Today, there are two products of cameras which can attract our attention on providing the most futuristic services as interesting as what it offers by our mobile phone. The first one is Sony nex-6. It is a kind of camera which is completed with Wi-Fi connection which can make us easier in transferring the result of our photos. Then the resolution of the camera is also quite good reaching 16.1 MP. Moreover, to makes the lighting better, it is also added with built in flash.

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Sony-Nex 7-1

Furthermore, there is also another product which is almost similar with the previous camera, it s that Sony Nex-7. The feature of the camera is almost the same with the previous one. There is only a slight difference on the feature. So then, by getting one of these cameras on our own, we can get real satisfaction on photography.

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