Review of the SCRAP Photo Editor

This article is going to talk about some features of the SCRAP Photo Editor. It is very useful software with the great features. The software is free to download. You just need to go to visit their official website and download the software. Below are the explanations of some features of the software. Read the rest of this entry »

Looxcie Third Generations Camera

Having a camera is very important so we can capture any memorable events without any difficulty. However, there are other types of camera that we can use for other activities than capturing our finest moments. Yes, we are talking about streaming camera that helps us to communicate using computer. Yes, video call or video chat camera is one of the most important accessories for people with PC. With this camera they can communicate without any problem. One of the most popular products which are quite famous for streaming camera is the Looxcie streaming camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Making Money for Amateur Photographers

Nowadays, you don’t have to be coined as a ‘professional’ photographer to at least carve a side-income from the industry. Technology has meant that there are multiple ways for the amateurs to make money from their photos, and this article will identify three of the most predominant.

We should add that we’re not going to be looking at the ways to monetize a service, such as wedding or real estate photography. Instead, this contribution will look at the methods in which you can take your regular photos for pleasure, and hopefully coin a profit from them at the same time. This can be perfect for those individuals who take pride in snapping the traditional outdoor photos – that are so often the pinnacle of online photography contests.

Stock Libraries

Once upon a time the likes of Getty Images were only open to professional photographers. Nowadays, these commercial libraries have much more relaxed rules and it’s very easy to list photos taken by amateurs on there. In fact, if we stick with the Getty Images example, Flickr has even created a feature which allows users to ‘opt in’ and select that they want their work to be considered by the international giant.

Of course, Getty is not the only site out there. There are hundreds of stock photography sites, and amateurs have the power to list them on several at a time. The prices per download will depend on numerous factors, but as you are targeting the world, including the big media organisations which require daily photos, it’s becoming much easier to attract sales. Read the rest of this entry »

Nikon D7000, A Great Camera In Reasonable Price

For some years, photography is an interesting and funny enough of activity for some people. It is called so, since you can capture any things or any moments that exist around you. Nowadays, this kind of activity becomes a hobby for some people. It is proven by the increasing numbers of people who do this activity. In this era, you can also find some school of photography either formal or informal one. In doing this activity, we need an equipment that is very important. Camera is the most important equipment in photography. It has the role vital in photography activity, which is as the picture capturer. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Camera for Big Quality of Pictures

Camera can be one of the most useful inventions in these ages. With the existence of camera, you can take any pictures easily. Some years ago, the camera still use films, so when you want to print the pictures, you have to take the films and follow any processes until you can get your pictures. Now, you do not need to do that anymore because there have been digital cameras which can help you to take and print any pictures easier. You do not need to worry about quality of your pictures, because the camera will provide you with good pictures, even the pictures can be much better than the old cameras. Read the rest of this entry »

Sony Alpha Nex 5T Specs

Photography is a very interesting hobby that will give us many kinds of benefit. We can get relaxation from our everyday activity and also it can give us profit if we are quite good in this field. To support our hobby, Sony has released a brand new camera with amazing specification that is Sony Alpha Nex 5T. This brand new camera released by Sony will give various functions and features that will help many photographer either professional or beginner to take many beautiful pictures. Read the rest of this entry »